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Re: dischetto bootable, mkboot aiutooooooooo

* Thursday 03 April 2003, alle 16:49, Giuseppe Ciuni scrive:
> questo dovrebbe crearmi un floppy autopartente
> in realtà qualcosa fa, ma dopo un po mi da kernel panic....
> cosa devo fare? chi puo' spiegarmi passo passo come si crea un dischetto 
> bootable
> funzionante?

MKBOOT(8)                                               MKBOOT(8)

       mkboot - makes a bootdisk

       mkboot [-r rootpartition] [-i] [kernel]

       mkboot makes a bootdisk.

       By  default the bootdisk will use the kernel /boot/vmlinuz
       and the current root partition.   Use  the  -r  option  to
       specify  a  different parition, and provide the new kernel
       file directly to specify a different kernel.

       If invoked with the -i option, it tries to make  a  Debian
       Linux  system bootable after a new kernel was installed by
       /sbin/installkernel.  If GRUB is installed, it does  noth­
       ing.   If  LILO is in use, it runs /sbin/lilo.  Otherwise,
       mkboot will make a new bootdisk.


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