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Re: L'euro e la console

On Sun, 2002-01-06 at 17:45, Ottavio Campana wrote:
> Scusate la domanda banale, ma sotto x 4.1 ho il simbolo dell'euro che va
> tranquillamente. E come lo attivo in console?

qui sotto la risposta ottenuta sulla lista inglese:

Configure locales with some iso-8859-15 of your choice (us I assume,
you'll find the options in /usr/share/doc/locales/SUPPORTED.gz).

       echo 'lang@euro ISO-8859-15' >>  /etc/locale.gen
       echo 'LANG=lang@euro' >> /etc/environment
       echo '. /etc/environment' >> /etc/profile

Do the last line only if /etc/environment nowhere implemented yet.
Afterwards logout/login for make that working.

For console:
    echo SCREEN_FONT lat0-08 >> /etc/console-tools/config
    # if you like the cent as well (unproved ;-) )
    echo 'echo altgr keycode 46 = cent | loadkeys -'
    # then loading them ...
    /etc/init.d/console-screen.sh restart
    /etc/init.d/keymap.sh restart

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