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Re: Compilare Xfree+driver matrox

> sei proprio  sicuro che devi  ricompilare X? Ci  sono delle patch?  O
> servono solo  magari degli header  di X  per poter compilare  il
> Comunque se tiri  giù i deb-src di X e  li compili con dpkg-
> non dovresti avere danni.

Purtroppo si! ho bisogno di questa "famigerata" HAL LIBRARY :))

To install the driver from source you will need the XFree86 4.0.2 or
source files, which are available for download from the sites listed
Once the XFree86 source files have been extracted, the existing mga
Directory should be backed up and renamed. This will be replaced by the
mga directoy, which will be extracted from the driver source file. Use
following command to make a backup of the mga directory:

	cd /xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers

	mv mga mga_old

Now move or copy the mga driver source file into the drivers directory
extract the files by using the following command:

      tar xvzf mga_filename.tgz

Important: If you wish to use the Hal library instead of the G450 open
source driver you will need to create and edit a host.def file from
the XFree86 source tree:

	cd /xc/config/cf

	cp xf86site.def host.def

Using a text editor such as pico, vi, or emacs, uncomment the
line in the host.def file by removing the "*/" comment from the line
"HaveMatroxHal" and placing it at the end of the previous line. Here is
example of how this section should appear once it has been edited:

 	* If you have the HALlib.a binary installed in
 	* xfree86/drivers/mga/HALlib,
 	* uncomment this:
#define HaveMatroxHal		YES

If this seems confusing it may be easier to simply insert the following
line at the bottom of the host.def file:

	#define HaveMatroxHal YES

Note: The option #define UseMatroxHal is also required, but should
be enabled by default in the host.def file.

If you have a G450 and have chosen to compile the Hal module, it can
be disabled later by removing the mga_hal_drv.o file from the
usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers directory. This will automatically enable
of the G450 open source driver.

To compile and install XFree86 4.0.2 go back to the /xc directory and
the following commands:

	make World    (this will take awhile)

	make install

Now that the source has been compiled and installed, the new XFree86
may need to be linked to X:

	ls -l X

This will show which binary X is linked to. If it lists anything other
XFree86, you can link it to 4.0.x by using the following command:

	ln -sf /usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86 ./X

If you are upgrading from XFree86 3.3.6 or older, a new XF86Config file
needs to be created.

	cd /usr/X11R6/bin


The xf86config command will start a text based configuration program.
values you specify here will determine the parameters for your mouse,
keyboard, monitor, and graphics card. This will create an XF86Config
in /etc/X11, which will need to be edited later. If newer boards such as
the G450 are not listed when choosing a graphics device, it is safe to
choose another adapter that uses the mga driver, such as the G200. Once
values you
specified have been saved, you will need to edit the XF86Config file to
include references to the newly supported features.



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