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Re: OT? DNS checks in postfix - best practice, experience

On 06.03.14 10:42, Jogi Hofmüller wrote:
Ever since we started using postfix in our small environment we had all
the DNS related checks [1] enabled.  Every now and then we get problems
because a misconfiguration on some mail server keeps it from
successfully delivering e-mail to us.

Personally I still think that having a matching IN A and IN PTR record
for a mail server *and* use the same name in an EHLO/HELO message is a
minimum requirement for a decently configured service.  Still, some
admins disagree ...

just note that requiring the same name in HELO and (fc)rDNS is in a
violation of the SMTP standard (since it exists).  However I can't find this
requirement in postfix restrictions so this should not be a problem :-)

Now I was wondering how other people deal with this issue.  Curious what
you people think/say.

[1]  DNS related checks we use:


all these should be OK

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