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Change configuration files to match new bonding configuration

Hello to all.

I'm currently preparing a bond configuration in one of my Debian servers. Tha main function of this server is as a router in one ISP and I need to implement a bonding configuration because we are about to exceed 1 Gbps in our network interfaces.

The bonding configuration itself is not a problem because I already have done some test in other servers and the results were ok. The problem that I'm facing now is that the server has a lot of configuration files that reference network interfaces as ethX, but now these interfaces are about to change to bondY. In my case I have the following configuration:

eth2 --> Internet traffic input (yes, the traffic is bidirectional, but in this interface the main traffic is input traffic)
eth0 --> Internet traffic output

And I need to implement the following configuration:

eth2 + eth3 = bond0 --> Internet traffic input
eth0 + eth4 = bond1 --> Internet traffic output

So, my doubt is about how to change the configuration files that make reference to eth2 and eth0 to that make reference to bond0 and bond1 respectively.

Is that really needed? Or this configuration files doesn't need to change? I see that when you configure a bond interface, for example eth2 + eth3, when you run ifconfig the interfaces eth2 and eth3 are listed, but is bond0 the interface that now has the old eth2 IP address.

Can you help me please?

Thanks a lot and best regards.


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