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Re: advice request for shared hosting and security issue

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 10:38 AM, Adrian Minta <adrian.minta@gmail.com>wrote:
Take a look at "ITK MPM" :


It uses more CPU, but each vhost will have its own uid and gid.

On 24.06.13 10:47, Oğuz Yarımtepe wrote:
Yes, i've already read them. Performance is important. I should test it
first at a low traffic server.

The non-threaded approach doesn't look so good.  Should investigate
performance issues and Nginx migration.

The point in ITK security is that processes run with different privileges.
The price is, that they must run as different processes.

I don't know if any system supports multiple threads of the same program
running with different uses prvileges.

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