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status of hosting control panels?

Can anyone comment on the status of open source control panels,
particularly those packaged for Debian and/or mentioned in the wiki?


In particular,

- which is most popular/widely used?

- are there any outstanding examples of control panels that are NOT in
Debian yet, but would be highly worthwhile to package?

- which have the flexibility to add in things like SIP or Jabber account
creation/password sync without significant re-coding?

- which are suitable for an administrator with limited UNIX experience
(e.g. a web developer helping community groups build web sites) who just
wants an easy way to let his users manage virtual mailboxes and web
sites, etc?  (I'll be helping him install it, but he needs to be able to
do daily admin tasks without depending on me)

- are there any traps, or significant limitations to be wary of?

- are there any other forums to discuss this topic within the Debian
community, e.g. on IRC?

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