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Phpmyadmin setup under Apache

I have a small server I’m setting up.  It has Apache, MySQL, php, phpmyadmin, along with a wiki and phpbb implementation.
When I set it up, I moved mediawiki, phpbb, and phpmyadmin under /var/www so that I can back up everything starting at /var/www .  This move was done at system level.  Then I editted the correct files to give me access to phpmyadmin, mediawiki, and phpbb, all from a browser.   Basic access works fine.  Access to phpmyadmin/setup does not.  The problem is that when I try to browse to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/setup, I get an Apache authentication dialog.  When I browse to http://lcalhost/phpmyadmin, I do not.
The entire server has a root/username combination that won’t let me get to phpmyadmin/setup.  That same combination logs me into the server from remote and logs me into mysql and phpmyadmin to manage mysql.  I just can’t get past the Apache2 login to manage phpmyadmin.
How can I get rid of this, or how can I log into phpmyadmin/setup?

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