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Re: RAID config for mailboxes host


Sander wrote:
> Emmanuel Halbwachs wrote (ao):
>> We consider two RAID config for the 12 disks:
>>         A   2 disks RAID 1 for system
>>            10 disks RAID 6 for mailbox space
>>         B  12 disks RAID 6 for the whole
>> In A, we lose 1.2 (raw) TB with respect to B. Advocates of A say that
in B, the heads read/write activity of the mailboxes will seriously
impact the system performance. In A, the system has its own axes,
separate from the mailboxes ones.
> Btw, any reason you go with spinning disks and not with SSDs like Intel
710/720? SSDs are a good fit for maildir workload (random IO).

Option A loses 1.2 (raw) TB ..... what size are the disks?  Using SSDs  at
that size will likely not be possible.  If it is possible, then it  would
be extremely expensive.

I would prefer the multi RAID6 idea myself.

Kind Regards

Andrew McGlashan
Broadband Solutions now including VoIP

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