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Re: Confused by the different handling of debconf questions when using dpkg-reconfigure

When installing it should only to ask questions, that are necessary to run the software. dpkg-reconfigure assumes that you realy want to configure it, which is why it's asking you every question, regardless of priority.
Am 12.07.2011 11:54, schrieb Emmanuel Kasper:
Am 2011-07-12 11:43, schrieb Thomas Goirand:

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I notice that when I install postfix, it asks me then a couple of
questions using debconf, and create then a default configuration file
using my answers.

If I call now `dpkg-reconfigure postfix` debconf asks me the same
questions PLUS a bunch of new questions which I did not have in the
first in the first place.   I find it confusing.

Is i a bug, a feature, am I missing something ?


That's because of the debconf priority level. Do:

dpkg-reconfigure debconf

and you can set the debconf priority to low to have
all the questions, always. Note that Debconf can
also be set to non-interactive mode...

yes this is clear, I was just wondering why does debconf use a different
different sets of question ( hence maybe a different priority level ) in
pre-install phase versus calling dpkg-reconfigure later

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