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some question of snmpd

Hi all,
I'v just generated a common.c file through the command ---env MIBS='NETPOWER-COMMON-SYS-MIB' mib2c common .when I run the command "snmpd -f ", the output is followed:
root@localhost:/usr/share/snmp# snmpd -f
No log handling enabled - turning on stderr logging
Turning on AgentX master support.
dlopen failed: /usr/share/snmp/libcommon.so: undefined symbol: handle_cpuType
Error opening specified endpoint "udp:"
Server Exiting with code 1
I don't know why there is a undefined symbol: handle_cpuType and also, and how I will handle it. I refered some webpage
,I'm puzzled if I need a "dlmod.h" file. it seems to miss on my debian 6.0 system now.


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