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Re: Linux raid config tool for IBM eServer x335/345


Michelle Konzack wrote:
afer some weeks sickness, I tried yesterday to install Debian on my x345
but more then installing without Raid was not possibel.  OK know I know,
I need the IBM ServRAID Support CD 6.11...

...but this pig does not work with Debian.

Can someone tell me please, how to setup a x335 fpr Raid-1 and the  x345
for Raid-1 (2 drives) AND Raid-5 (4 drives)

And does someone has a WORKING Linux ServRAID config tool for Debian?

Hey, the IBM's cost my last nerv...  The Sun Fire are more my love  :-)

However, the IBMs are for free!

Can't get much better than free, can you.... ;-)

My recipe for those IBM boxen is to have the RAID controller provide single drive arrays and to use software RAID in Linux because that way I know I can monitor the RAID properly myself without any extra tools. This also gives battery backup for the drives, so that is handy.

The IBM System setup disks are used on their own (boot from them), before installing anything on the box. They can update firmware and set things up as desired, then you install your Debian once that is done.


Kind Regards

Andrew McGlashan
Broadband Solutions now including VoIP

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