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Re: [OT] IBM x335 and C2T KVM cable

On Saturday, 4 of December 2010, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hi IBM users,
> I havve gotten a bunch of x335 and they are now working nicely.
> Now I have bought from eBay a C2T Breakout cable and connected my mouse,
> keyboard and monitor and it worked from cratch.
> Now gotten the cable to connect two x335 together but can some tell  me,
> how I can get the Signal from the second, thirth, fourth, ... etc Server
> please?

To take control of a certain xSeries server in the rack, user needs to press 
Num Lock twice, "nn" (where "nn" is the number of the server) and then press 
Enter, or could also manually press the button on the front of the desired 
xSeries server.

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