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Re: Cyrus 2.2 imapd in AMD64

On Mon, 26 Apr 2010, Carlos Bergero wrote:
> ./tls_sessions.db: Berkeley DB (Btree, version 8, native byte-order)
> ./deliver.db: Berkeley DB (Btree, version 8, native byte-order)
> and there a a couple of cyrus DB files which readme upgrade ask to
> migrate with a cyrus tool which is not working atm,
> ./mailboxes.db: Cyrus skiplist DB  (which it has a different name
> simply mailboxes, without the .db extension)
> ./annotations.db: Cyrus skiplist DB  (which is not mentioned in the
> tutorial)
> So far im focused in trying to get this DB to the proper format
> version 9 in the standard Lenny install, and see what happens,
> without much success.

db*_upgrade will upgrade (NOT DOWNGRADE) a berkeley database. Run it from
the main environment directory.  It is in the db*-util packages.  Use the
correct target version (for cyrus, see the package dependency list to know
which libdb it uses).

Just delete tls_sessions.db.  It is the TLS session cache.

You can consider deleting deliver.db.  It is the cache used for duplicate
suppression and to avoid sending vacation messages to the same recipient
twice.  There will be very little harm done (if any) should you delete it.

Consider reading the documentation for berkeley DB, especially the stuff
prepared by OpenLDAP and samba (look in their web pages).  Screw that up,
and your performance goes downhill.

Consider reading the archives of the cyrus users ML, hunt down from any
posts from @fastmail.fm and read them.  They _REALLY_ know their stuff.

All skiplist DBs are auto-upgraded by cyrus on access.  If one wasn't,
chances are it is corrupt and you have a big problem.

After you manage to start cyrus, run cyrquota and cyrreconstruct over *ALL*
mailboxes.  I mean *ALL* of them.  And this _will_ take time.  You could do
it with the system in use, but since it is a safety measure to insure there
is no inconsistent data, well, it is best done before any read or write
access is done to the mailboxes.

And do remember cyrus has databases stored in the user dirs as well. Debian
packages should have them skiplist or plaintext, which don't require manual
intervention, but check it (seen database).

Sieve requires conversion of _all_ scripts on all spools.  Look for the
massievec script and run it on every sieve script.

This is _all_ in the cyrus documentation, although probably not organized
like that...

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