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Re: Possible Debian Hosting Setup

On 03/10/2010 04:51 PM, Daniel Hood wrote:
> List,
> Working for a company that provides small businesses IT support.
> After having to deal with another useless hosting company for the third time
> this week (how are there so many companies out there, that have "Technical
> support" that don't know what "that SMTP thing is") I've decided using
> existing infrastructure we have at the office and maybe a couple of cheap
> hosted VPS's as backups, to hopefully get some kind of hosting environment
> going, so we can move customers over and then when customer's call in I can
> actually fix stuff within a few months.
> My question includes. A lot of our customers just need the basic 3 services.
> Mail (SMTP / POP3), DNS and Web (Basic static HTML pages, no dynamic
> content). We currently have 2 unused servers in a datacenter colocation
> rack, and I'm looking at getting 4 VPSs (2 each, from 2 different provides).
> What I'm wondering is... Is there a package or a couple of packages that
> people on this list have used and would recommend for managing DNS records
> (Bind server), mailboxes (Courier POP3 / Postfix (Or another well known mail
> server)) and possibly web sites for about 30 different domains. I don't mind
> having to read the logs and do troubleshooting the "old school" way
> (actually reading logs and researching) but just for the other techs who
> have about as much knowledge with Linux as Lindsay Lohan has with
> being clean... So just tasks like, adding DNS A records, adding new POP3
> mailboxes, adding a new domain to the mailserver config and just general
> stuff like that.
> It can even be like "Use yyy for DNS management, and zzz for POP3 management
> and then use aaa for adding new domains to the mailserver)... Just looking
> at options at this point.

I would highly recommend ISPConfig3[0]. It will do everything you have
asked for. It can be setup in a multi-server manner as well. I have used
it for a while now and have no issues.


0 - http://www.ispconfig.org/

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