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SW to monitor band usage

Problem: i have doubts on the uplink provider.
my network is often sloooooooow .
doing ping test gives values high, but not so high to justify
the slownes. i tried to upload a file to a server on isp site and a 200 MB mpg file was trasferred in 5.2 seconds. the line should be 1GB, and were about 400 users on line, so such score
should exclude a cable or router fault.
The technician on the other part of the line suggest it could be someone doing intensive file transfer, so hogging the line.
so i want to make this test:
mirror the upstream port of the main switch to a logging computer, and see if there is someone doing 24/24 file transfer.
now the question:
what is the program i have to use ?
(remember: on that line I should expect a 70% bandwidth usage on a gigabit link) What I need would be just log, minute by minute, for each IP pair (in and out) the number of packet and the total qty of data exchanged.
any quick suggestion ?

Leonardo Boselli

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