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Re: Postfix + Cyrus-SASL passwords


On Mo, Jan 25, 2010 at 11:36:40 +0100, Marek Podmaka wrote:
>Does anyone use this combination for smtp auth? Do you have passwords
>stored in plaintext?

Both yes :).

>I have read that without special patches cyrus
>does not support crypted passwords in SQL database. I have found this
>patch, but isn't something already integrated into debian packages? It
>is not very secure to have plaintext passwords stored anywhere these

Yes, but I think you'll have to patch cyrus if you like to use crypted 
passwords, unfortunatly :). We use the setup with plaintext passwords on 
FreeBSD, but I think it is the same with Debian :(.



Christian Schoepplein <chris at schoeppi.net>

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