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Re: Framework for web control panel.

Marc Aymerich wrote:
Hi everyone,
I'm planning to write a web control panel & billing system from
scratch. The project is for a little NGO ISP that offer hosting, mail,
VPS... Yeah, I know there are a lot of projects that do that, but
really we need to develop our panel from scratch. I planned to start
with a framework but is difficult to chose one (Yii, django, pylons,
ror...). The language doesn't matter (php, python, ruby..), we really
need fast development, extensible and maintainable code, and good
integration with MySQL.

I really appreciate your opinions and recommendations
Thanks a lot!

Hi Marc,

Good luck with the project. These things generally have a habit of running away with both times and costs and fast become a nightmare to maintain due to the goal posts which stand still. It is generally a lot cheaper and simpler to find an off the shelf product, even a commercial one. With that said, if your still willing
to move forward, take a look at Zend Framework


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