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Re: Dell PowerEdge R300 with BMC5722 NIC (tg3 driver)

On Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:25:42 -0500, chris@lifewithchris.com said:

> Are you using a Dell switch as an uplink?

No, it's a Netgear switch, although we're testing this currently using an
unmanaged switch.

We've just installed the kernel from backports, which -
interestingly - requires firmware for the tg3, which the regular Lenny
kernel (2.6.26) does not. The required firmware is in the 'firmware-linux'
package in Squeeze (but not in the backports version of that package at
the time of writing). We need to do some more work before we can test
(rebuilding drbd modules, etc), but I'll report back here with findings.

> Can you post information from the switch port -- interface
> status; and information from the server - 'ethtool eth0 &&
> ethtool -S eth0' // 'mii-tool -v'

No re switch - see above. If we still have the problem with the later
kernel, I'll get the statistics from ethtool.

Thanks for the suggestions -


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