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Re: Dell PowerEdge R300 with BMC5722 NIC (tg3 driver)

Keith Edmunds wrote:
> We're setting up a number of these servers and we're having problems with
> the NIC locking up. It retains its IP address, but the 'dropped' count
> keeps increasing and no network traffic flows over the connection.
> ifdown/ifup on the interface fixes the problem.
> We've tried downloading, compiling and using the tg3 driver from the
> Broadcom website, but that's made no difference.
> I've found a couple of other references to problems similar to this, most
> notably http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/linux-netdev/2009/6/9/5902123
> (although that user is running RHEL rather than Debian, so it does look
> like a kernel issue).
> Anyone else seen this and, more importantly, found a way around it?

Are you seeing "tx hang" messages from the kernel? I get this on Dells
with the e1000 driver.


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