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Re: easier fax to mail ?

Xavier Cardil wrote:
> Hi, we want to improve our fax to mail application now, by making only the
> customer to send an email with a pdf and a subject. 

that would be mail2fax right

Then when the mail
> arrives to the inbox, we want to analyse it, and then create an application
> to create the fax to mail, 

and that would be fax2mail?

using only the content of the pdf file and the
> subject as a reference.
> Do you know where can whe start ? How can I analise an incoming e-mail ?
> Thank you.
not sure if you made a typo above, otherwise i don't understand the
desired function.

assuming you need mail2fax i know that you can do this with hylafax, i
tried it myself with postfix one time without too much luck, but you can
have a look over here.

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