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Re: Solid State Hard Drives

On Fri Oct 09, 2009 at 09:37:36 +1100, Glenn Hocking wrote:

> Any thoughts on software vs hardware with Solid State disks?

  You seem to be focusing upon very low-level details with a clear
 aim of "making things fast".

  But you've provided no details of what load you're seeing, what
 your bottlenecks are, and what the specific problem you're trying to
 solve is.

  All you've said is "5000 accounts" and "struggling".

  So, on that basis the answers you're going to receive are liable
 to be of the form "Yes using XX is faster than using YY" - when perhaps
 it would be more useful for you to learn if ZZ is fast enough already.

  I suggest you take a step back from this and profile your current
 system before planning the replacement.  Perhaps the disks are fine
 but the CPU is too weak.  Perhaps the disks and CPU are fine, but
 you're using too much memory, or are suffering from network links.

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 replies is also annoying and makes people less inclined to reply.
 Or possibly just me.]

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