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Re: Time problem in Xen domU's after kernel update

* Paul van der Vlis schrieb am 31.07.09 um 10:41 Uhr:
> Hello,
> I did a security-update for lenny a kernel on my dom0.
> And I rebooted one of the domU's (not sure if that's related).
> Now I have a problem with the time in the domU's. The time does not
> change anymore. The time is different in the different domU's.
> I don't use an independent_wallclock, so the time should be the same on
> the dom0 and the domU's.
> In the dom0 there is no problem.
> Do other people have the same problem?

I sometimes had this problem on other machines (not lenny) after migrating 
and I could solve it using "clocksource=jiffies" as kernel command line.

The Problem was that the clock stopped working at all, make "sleep
1" lasting forever...


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