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Re: How to setup a PPPoE Server?

Hi Michelle,

You would have to check hardware compatibility with the NIC and FreeBSD.
We only have 350 users, but we complicate things by running 30 VLANS on the one NIC with separate pppoe server instances for each.

We had issues with the number of network interfaces running at one time with FreeBSD 5. It seemed to max out at 254 interfaces tho no mention of that being a limit anywhere.

We currently run FreeBSD 6.2 which will run fine with more that 254 interfaces active. Occasionally the server reboots, it doesnt seem to be related to load, we havent isolated the cause, but it doesnt do any harm, the server is back within a minute. Not what you want to hear tho.

Andrew Bevin
The Packing Shed Limited
ph: 0800323002

Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello Andrew,

Am 2009-07-06 11:02:57, schrieb Andrew Bevin:
We use freeradius  for accounting and authenication on our Linux main  
For our pppoe customers we found FreeBSD to be the best solution. It has  
a builtin pppoe server that works in with its ppp software. And best of  
all FreeBSD's ppp service can authenicate to a radius server out of the 
How stable is the BSD PPPoE Server?

I have to run it on a Sun Fire X4150 with two 10 GE interfaces and  MANY
users, speak, over 5000 and of course, I  have  to  use  more  then  one
machine...  Memory and CPU spead is no problem, but  finding  a  machine
with two 10 GE ports...  The Sun Fire X4100M2 would be enough,  but  can
not have Dual 10 GE and has of course only a singep PSU and not redunant

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack
    Tamay Dogan Network
    Debian GNU/Linux Consultant


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