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Re: [Semi-OT] Public FiberOptic Network (Manufacturers)


Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 18:11:18, Michelle Konzack wrote:

> 1) FiberOptic cable
> 2) End-User FiberOptic->Ethernet converter
> 3) FiberOptic Switches?
> 4) FiberOptic Routers

> Any hints welcome...

You probably should use passive fiber optic - this is what bigger
providers you for FTTH. It's called GPON (ITU-T/G.984). For example
Wikipedia has nice article about it. And you can search for
manufacturers of GPON equipment (which should be much easier than
searching for broad term fiber optic).
Or do you want only ethernet over fiber? I think that would be very
hard to manage.

  bYE, Marki

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