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Re: Maildir backup

On 28 Jan 2009, Ing. Otto Marroquin wrote:
> >The best long term fix, IMO.  Throw you data on a SAN and use its
> >replication or snapshot functionality.
> It would be interesting to know what software use these SAN devices,
> since most of them are using Linux !

That's custom software, controlled by a Linux or Windows kernel (I know
that EMC uses Windows in their boxes).

By the way, you can have stable filesystem snapshots using XFS and LVM:

- xfs_freeze -f freezes your filesystem in a consistent state
- create your lvm snapshot
- xfs_freeze -u thaws the filesystem

You can then work with your snapshot and make backups etc.

This method will freeze access to the filesystem for a short duration.

I'm using this for backing up vmware images, which are 2 GB files.
Before freezing the filesystem, I pause the VM in question and resume it
afterwards. In my case, services are stopped for maybe one or two
minutes, depending on the time vmware takes to pause and resume.



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