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Re: Chilisoft ASP & MS Frontpage Extensions under Debian?

--On January 19, 2009 10:15:18 AM -0600 Dan M <dan@catfolks.net> wrote:

I have been assigned the task of adding support for ASP pages and Front
Page to our Debian hosting servers. My research suggests that Chilisoft
ASP was acquired by Sun then End-of-Lifed and is therefor unavailable
now. It also looks like RTR's Front Page extensions for Apache2 has
suffered the same fate.

Can anyone confirm that these impressions are correct? If not, I would
appreciate pointers on where to obtain the needed goodies.

Yes, I know that it's a really bad idea to install FP Extensions. I know
and I agree. But when management speaks...

ASP has mutated into ASP.Net, which is C# (Mono on the *NIX side) - and it is from what I understand basically impossible to make work in a Unix environment, if you want to run basically any modern ASP application you'll need to deploy a Microsoft Server. I do know for a fact FrontPage is *dead*. MS EOL/EOSed it as of FP 2003. The last security support date I believe was May 2006. Microsoft moved to a product called Sharepoint. Also AFAIK incompatible with anything other than Microsoft.

Basically anything developed with or deployed using FrontPage is 5+ years dead.

ASP is no longer, it's ASP.Net, which is really just a library for C#, so most applications REALLY want C# or ASP.Net support nowadays *NOT* ASP.

If you really do have a vanilla ASP application then there's a perl/mod_perl based port <http://www.apache-asp.org/>.

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