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Re: Separate tmp-dir for every user?

On 1 dec 2008, at 16:47, Jonathan Yu wrote:


If you're using tmpfs, then my understanding is that the files are
stored in ram and will not persist on reboots. Then how do you
maintain the per-user temp directories between reboots? Do you create
them all and save an image of the ramdisk, which is then loaded into
the system on every boot-up? Is there a script in init.d somewhere
that does that?




I'd strongly advise against ever using tmpfs for storage on a shared hosting server. This means any user can easily DoS your system by filling up the tmp directory and thus your RAM; if you store the /tmp dir on a regular filesystem files will still be stored in memory by the filesystem cache if enough RAM is available, but that RAM can also be used for other processes when needed.


Maarten Vink

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