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Re: Perl CGI output truncated

On 28.10.08 15:39, Gerard Sharpe wrote:
> Scratching my head with an issue where my Perl CGI output is being
> truncated, however when running directly from the command line it
> works. I've tried apache2 without any chance.
> Below is a minimal version of a script I'm useing to pull info from a
> Cisco router and display in the web browser:
> ---
> #!/usr/bin/perl -w
> use strict;
> use CGI ':standard';
> my $output;
> print header;
> print start_html('Test');
> print h1('Testing...');
> $output = `rsh <cisco_router> ping <ip_addr>`;
> print "<pre>$output</pre>";
> print end_html();
> exit;

I don't see end-of-line character at the end...
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