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Multiple virtual interfaces in one VLAN


i have a machine with only one physical network interface. 

i know that it is possible to create virtual interfaces (eth0:1, etc.)
to have multiple ip-adresses on one physical interface. 

now i would need to configure vlans on this machine - no problem so far,
this is my config: 

auto eth1.1001 
iface eth1.1001 inet dhcp 

auto eth1.1012 
iface eth1.1012 inet dhcp

that works too, i get the interfaces vlan1012 and vlan1001 and ip
adresses in the corresponding subnets. 

but i cant create virtual interfaces for those vlan interfaces - the
problem is i would need about 10 interfaces in one vlan. 

i have tried both eth1.1001:1 and eth1:1.1001 syntax - both dont work. 

does anyone know how to do this?

lg, Michi
email: michi.fischer@gmx.net
web: http://www.webfischer.at

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