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Re: About the slowness of gmail's DNS servers

Thomas Goirand schrieb:
> Hi,
> It's been the 2nd time that I'm having problems with gmail not seeing my
> DNS updates after more than 24 hours, when the TTL is less than 2 hours.
> Other DNS servers from other ISP have no problem. It's quite annoying as
> my client is complaining, and it's hard to say "gmail is wrong, they
> don't do like they should and like everybody does". My customer will
> just not trust that.
> Did any of you had this problem as well? Is there some specific things
> that gmail is doing, like running a specially crafted caching DNS? How
> much time should I expect to wait until it works correctly?
> Thomas
Well gmail can sometimes be wrong like when they decided to rewrite
email headers of their users to hide the original IP of the sender.


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