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Re: Jabber Server

Ing. Otto Marroquin wrote:

Hi Otto,

> Is it a standalone server or its shared with other services ?   How much
> resources (mem, cpu)

Well, the CPU is hard to say since I have a grand total of 5 users
(including the admin account). :) When it comes to memory, this is how
my ps aux output looks for the process:

openfire 493320 102420 49:59.49 /usr/local/diablo-jdk1.5.0/bin/java

Quite some memory (482M of which 100M resident) and considering I'm not
really doing that much some CPU cycles as well. But for me this was not
a problem really. The machine is idling anyway. BTW:  In the interface
it's saying that it's using 13MB of the 250MB possible Java memory.

> does Java environment use for OpenFire ?   I had second thoughts about
> OpenFire but the fact that is based on Java an it would consume a lot of resources ...

You seem to be right about that, it's not exactly the little light
weight Jabber server one could install. But for me it was important to
be easy, no XML config files and stuff like that. I wanted it to run
quickly, just to try (and since then it's more or less production). It's
quite complete with lots of plugins (all IM networks, plus even SIP and
other stuff). Furthermore I could start playing (if I ever get the time)
with media and stun, that's supported too.

Probably not good for what you are looking for, but for me it's quite
cool and easy to use untill I grow my group of friends very quickly. :)


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