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Re: bind9 ns1 and ns2 not authorative

This one time, at band camp, randall said:
> Stephen Gran wrote:
> >This one time, at band camp, randall said:
> >  
> >>no i didn't,
> >>
> >>i assumed it would not be necessary to manually add each new zone on 
> >>each slave dns server, at least it does not make much sense in my 
> >>reasoning, hope i'm not to wrong here ;)
> >>    
> >
> >You are wrong here :)
> >  
> mmmmm.....at least i'm happy to find out then..
> anyway to automate this process? seems like a lot of manual work here.

Lots of people have lots of hand-rolled scripts that do this sort of
thing.  I guess it really depends on how many zones you plan to have and
how many nameservers you have - it's usually not worth the
infrastructure to automate if it's a small setup, but it is once it
starts scaling.
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