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Re: [Pkg-xen-devel] Xen advice requested

Thomas Goirand schreef:
> Paul van der Vlis wrote:
>> Thomas Goirand schreef:
>>> Hi,
>>> I DON'T want to hurt anybody here, so please, pkg-xen-devel team, do not
>>> take what I'm writing here badly, you guys are doing a very hard work,
>>> and I don't think I'd be able to manage it as good as you did.
>>> However, I really think that the Xen kernels from Debian are not so
>>> usable in production
>> Can you tell us more about the problems you have seen?
>> With regards,
>> Paul van der Vlis.
> First problem: Etch packaged version 3.0.3. To me it's a pretty bad
> choice, this version (in my experience) is not stable and causes problems.

I have a 3.0.3 64-bit test-setup for a few month with not much load and
a filesystem on LVM. I did not see any problems.

> Second thing (maybe the most important): the bindings of python for the
> Xen API are not properly setup, it's set with a version number. If I'm
> remembering well, its all about /usr/lib/python/xen that is under the
> packaged version of Xen called something like
> /usr/lib/python/xen-VERSION, with no symlink provided for that folder.
> Then anything that wants to includes it FAILS to do so, and there is no
> predictable way of knowing how to fix when you are a package using the
> bindings. I give you a simple example in python, that intend to find the
> name of the virtual interface the VPS is using, and that we are using in
> our code:
> sys.path.append( '/usr/lib/python' )
> import xen.xm.main as xenxm
> id = int(xenxm.sxp.child_value(info, 'id', '-1'))
> networkDeviceName="vif%s" % id
> As /usr/lib/python/xen doesn't exist, but instead there is a
> /usr/lib/python/xen-VERSION, the import fails if using the Debian package...

For me it worked out of the box. Maybe the problems were corrected
later? I use tools like xen-create-image and xm without problems.

BTW: I had problems with the 64bit xen-vserver kernel package, but not
with the xen-only kernel package.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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