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Re: suppressing DSN postfix

bottom posting 'cause I'm kwel

Mike Bird wrote:
On Mon July 7 2008 15:16:12 Dan MacNeil wrote:
We're running postfix

Our primary mail server was off-line for 4 days.  (We were at the mercy
of state employees who don't work holidays)

24 hours into the problem , we setup a backup MX w/ only filtering being
the postfix relay_domains parameter.

Our primary (and ordinary only) mail server rejects SPAM and viruses @
RECPT time.

As I release mail in 20 message chunks from the 3000 message backlog on
the secondary , I'm generating a good bit of backscatter.

Is there any easy automatic way to move DSN (delivery service
notification) messages into the hold queue on the secondary so I can
deal with them at my leasure?

Am I explaining the problem clearly enough ?

--Mike Bird
I hope there's a clean solution, but if not you could temporarily block
outbound SMTP (e.g. with iptables), process the backlog, then use some
grep/awk magic to purge the backscatter from the mailq.


I think I have it going.

# In /etc/postfix/main.cf

   # apply checks to bounce and notify
internal_mail_filter_classes = bounce notify

   # use these body checks
body_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/body_checks

# in /etc/postfix/body_checks

/5.7.1.*Your message looks like SPAM please contact intended recipient/
    HOLD move spam backscatter to hold queue
/ 550 Virus Detected;/
  HOLD move backscatter virus to hold queue

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