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Re: Monitoring an installation via VNC or SSH.

On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 10:05 AM, Keith Edmunds <kae@midnighthax.com> wrote:
On Mon, 7 Jul 2008 10:00:57 +0200, fred@derf.nl said:

> I wish to simply
> pop in a DVD and then complete the installation remotely via VNC or SSH.

Carry out an "expert" installation and select the "remote console" from
the list of additional modules to load. That may not be the exact text,
but it's similar. To start an expert installation, type "expert" at the
"boot:" prompt (there are other ways of getting there, but that's probably
the easiest).

Thanks for the info, I will try this out. After sending this email I also found the following references :


But the "expert" option seems to be the easiest at the moment.



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