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Re: bind9 vserver

* randall schrieb am 31.03.08 um 20:59 Uhr:
> hi all,
> did anybody ever managed to get bind9 up and running in a vserver setup
> on etch?
> i tried the suggested source build with:
> --disable-linux-caps \
> --disable-threads \
> also building with --arch i386 on my 64 bit host did not help.
> but to no prevail whatsoever, i simply can not get it to start.
> my other options would be djbdns but then i seem to get a svscan
> problem, and good old bind8 that does works like a charm but has
> security concerns to consider as far as i heard.

you already thought about alternatives.. how about PowerDNS?

just my 2¢

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