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Re: policies on compromised sites

On Mon March 24 2008 12:47:01 Dan MacNeil wrote:
> I'm curious as to how other people handle customers running
> cracked sites.

If the cracked site does not share IPs with other sites you
can add access lists on your router so that the cracked site
can only be accessed from a small number of prescribed outside
IP addresses which the site owner will use to fix the problem.

I don't think it's reasonable to tell the owner HOW to fix the
problem, but it is reasonable to tell the owner that if the fix
is ineffective the site will be shut down again, and that the
shutdown will be permanent on the second or third occurrence.

In my experience, the end result is almost always that they
move to some el-cheapo-hosting.  You're down a few dollars a
month but at least you're not RBL'd.

--Mike Bird

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