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Re: DNS zone files in Win 2k3 to Bind.

Am Wednesday, den 30 January hub Figols, Ruben folgendes in die Tasten:


> I need to import many zone files in Win 2k3 to Bind.
> "Bind" does not accept the format of these files, and I can not write by hand.
> Do you know any tool or script to convert formats in zone files? 

Did I get you right, that you want to export DNS information from Win
2k3 DNS servers and want to import them in bind?

Why not just set up the bind server(s) as DNS secondaries and let Win
2k3 push the zone data to them.
When done, just pimp the zonefiles by hand or by $scripting_language
to change SOA and NS entries and make the bind DNS servers primaries.

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