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Re: raid10??

On 28.01.08 15:03, randall wrote:
> i'm setting up a new server and i basically have 4 disks (+2 for back-up
> storage), easiest would be to go for the good old raid5 and suffer the
> performance loss, but i have some time left to do some benchmarking and
> i want to give raid10 a try.
> i don't seem to be able to find much resources on google about setting
> up raid 10 in debian (anybody has some experience???)
> and i also came accross the idea of raid1 with lvm setup..is this an option?
> just wandering if somebody has some thoughts and pointers

I currently run raid0 over raid1. Someone mentioned that I'm lucky because
due to some problem this configuration may fail. Well, I'm lucky yet...

I noticed there is raid10 driver in kernel, but I haven't looked carefully
over that yet. Currently I have 2 types of disks (2 disks of each) connected
through 2 SATA cards (each card has one disk of one type and one disk of
another type), mirroring one disk of one type on one cars with one disk of
another type on another card, so if one of cards or both disks of one type
fail, I'm still not loosing any data... I would like to have raid10 with the
same configuration.

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