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Re: LVM and multiple hosts

Am Thursday, den 24 January hub Frederik Denkens folgendes in die Tasten:


> We have a central iSCSI storage system that we access from multiple 
> machines. If I create an LVM Volume Group on this iSCSI system and some 
> LV's in it, can I safely access these LV's from various servers at the 
> same time (one LV exclusive per server or with multiple servers to 1 LV 
> using a cluster filesystem like OCFS).

LVM is not ment to work properly (as in without data loss) when used
from multiple machines. The good news is, that there is something
called EVMS (Enterprise Volume Management) which can do this for you,
but is not that straightforward to setup (you need heartbeat for EVMS
to work e.g.)

If you just want one big shared filesystem, I would skip LVM or any
other volume management and put the OCFS directly on the iSCSI

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