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Re: Bandwidth Accounting


Same challenge here. It used to be quite simple by using Apache/mailserver logging to MySQL for shared hostings and email and just logging the SNMP stats on switch ports for dedicated and colo customers. But multiple servers on different VLAN's on one switch port and Virtualized services are currently not measured because we have no consolidated measuring tool.

Any ideas, both open-source and commercial would be great.



Gavin Westwood wrote:
What do other people/companies on this list use for user bandwidth accounting on their server(s)?

At the moment I don't have anything proper in place, although I check up on webalizer for each website's usage, and used ipac-ng to keep an eye on throughput by protocol and in total. I know that none of my users can have reached their limits from ipac-ng's output and knowing my own usage, however, having just upgraded the server to Etch, ipac-ng doesn't work properly any more, just giving errors, so I ended up removing it.

What options are there?

Thanks in advance for any responses.



Gavin Westwood

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