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Re: ADSL2+ Modem-Router with more then one IP

Michelle Konzack wrote:

for a new project I have gotten an ADSL2+ offer of a french ISP where I
can have up to 16 fixed IP's and have 22,8/1,8MBit plus two analog
telephone lines (over VoIP).

Now there is a problem, because all ADSL-Modem-Router I know, can handle
only one IP and portforwarding from only one IP.

And the Router provided by the ISP assum, you connect ONLY a switch to
the ADSL-Modem-Router and then connect your Servers and Workstations
directly...  --  For me a thing of impossibility for security reasons.

I have tried to put an ADSL-Modem-Router in Modus "Modem with PPPoE" and
then let my Debian Router (4.0) let do the stuff, but the ppp(oe) stuff
crashs all the time and has created 40-80 ppp-Devices and then confused
my internal network routing table, so I was not more able to connect via
PCMCIA-GSM card to solv the problem.  The router had to be reseted hard.

Does anyone of you know an ADSL2+ compatible Modem-Router (Annex A, DSL
over POTs) which support up to 16 fixed IP's AND has 2 connectors for
analog Telephones?

Have a look at the boxes from AVM.
I think the 7170 and the new 7270 should be able to do what you need
and more.

I have the old 7050 on an ADSL2+ Connection with 16/1MBit.

All of them speak Annex A and B, run Linux and have an active community
of people enhancing the firmware with add-ons....


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