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Re: problem with NAS

On Thursday 20 December 2007 20:04, Fernando André wrote:
> Hello, I'm having a problem with writing to a nfs share(not nfs4), have
> 2 mail servers writing to it, but one of them is taking to long to
> deliver the email locally the other delivers it fine. Think it might be
> related to input to the disks storage but can't determine the exact
> cause, any tips ?

This doesn't sound disk related.

Are the two servers writing to filesystems that lie on different RAID groups 
on the NAS box? If so, examine the properties of each RAID group, look for 
(pre)failure indications etc.

How is the quality of the network path from both servers to the NAS box? Could 
a switch be messing with the signal and forcing packet retransmissions? Try 
changing switch ports, cables etc.

A statistical analysis of NFS traffic with wireshark as well as I/O monitoring 
with iostat should give you a rough idea of where the problem lies. Apply 
these monitors to both machines, investigate the differences.


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