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Re: bind9 administrative interfaces

> On Nov 02, Thomas Goirand illuminated :

> Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:
> > Greetings,
> > We're looking at rebuilding our in-house front end to our bind servers.
> > we currently have ten year old hacked together code that is showing its
> > age.
> What kind of front end are you looking for? What are the needed
> functionalities?
hmmmmm... good question :)
This is something that has only been just recently raised, so in that
sense, our formal requirements are still very vague.
I've had Webmin recommended to me from another list (SAGE).  I've not
actually been able to find anything else to compare it with.

I'm primarily interested in having something that removes the ability
for humans to make obvious mistakes.

manual interface:
- something that lets us do individual record management
(creation,deletion of A/PTR/MX/etc records)
- listing of all forward and reverse records

- domain creation/deletion/delegation

Jean-Paul Blaquiere

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