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Re: bind 9 not responding

I know it *is* a bit offtopic, but do you have to use BIND? Have you
considered tinydns?

I'm administering the DNS server for my company, which is a
split-horizon + DNS cache. Before tinydns we had a lot of trouble with
BIND, because of minor, even undetected config/zone errors, which were
not logged at all and neither detected with config checker, BIND
stopped working every now and then and thus proven unreliable. Split
horizon wasn't even working, whole zones were dropped from the config,
with no detectable syntax errors in config. Everything was
double-checked, to no avail.

Since we moved to tinydns, whole DNS subsystem, including zone
transfers to our provider's DNSes, works flawlessly: caching *and*
split-horizon, for 1000+ employees and 14 zones.

My point is simply, from my experience and point of view, that if you
don't have to use BIND, don't.

Sorry again for being offtopic.


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