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Re: Dell PowerEdge 2950 server with PERC 5/i RAID controller

Op 27-okt-2007, om 18:19 heeft Andraz Sraka het volgende geschreven:

Hello people,

are there any diagnostic/monitoring tools in linux (debian etch for
instance) for monitoring Dell PERC 5/i RAID controller. I found that
there are some utilities for RHEL/SuSE enterprise distribution. Has
anyone managed to see status of controller in Debian? What tools do I
need to use/install and are any kernel patches required? It would be
nice to see raid status as also the faulty disks :)

Add deb ftp://ftp.sara.nl/pub/sara-omsa dell sara to /etc/apt/ sources.list and apt-get install dellomsa. This will get you the Dell monitoringtools; the omreport-tool will get you all sorts of info on the raidcontroller:

/opt/dell/srvadmin/oma/bin/omreport storage -?

omreport         Reports component properties.

The available command(s) are:

Command          Description
adisk Display array disk(s) properties. DEPRECATED: please use pdisk
pdisk            Display physical disk(s) properties.
vdisk            Display virtual disk(s) properties.
controller       Display controller(s) properties.
enclosure        Display enclosure properties.
channel Display channel properties. DEPRECATED: please use connector
battery          Display battery properties.
globalinfo       Display global storage properties.
connector        Display connector properties.

Apart from that omreport will also give you information on fan speeds, temperature, installed hardware, etc. It also installs an SNMP agent that allows you to monitor RAID status, fan speeds, temperature, etc via SNMP. The SNMP agent is disabled by default, but is easy to setup. We use this both for monitoring and to graph fan speeds and temperature with cacit.

For more useful info on using Debian on Dell hardware see http:// linux.dell.com/debian_9g.shtml



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