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Re: Dell PowerEdge 2950 server with PERC 5/i RAID controller

On Sat, Oct 27, 2007 at 06:19:54PM +0200, Andraz Sraka wrote:
> Hello people,
> are there any diagnostic/monitoring tools in linux (debian etch for
> instance) for monitoring Dell PERC 5/i RAID controller. I found that
> there are some utilities for RHEL/SuSE enterprise distribution. Has
> anyone managed to see status of controller in Debian? What tools do I
> need to use/install and are any kernel patches required? It would be
> nice to see raid status as also the faulty disks :)

I managed to install afacli from afaapps on a 2850 running sarge by hand
with sufficiently little difficulty that I can't remember anything about
it :-)

Possibly this page or the links on it might be of use:



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