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Re: Bandwidth measuring tool

I think your question is twofold:

a) Generate Traffic
Have a look at the kernel module "pktgen". It creates UDP only IIRC, but the kernel has to do forwarding decisions per packet, so it's a quite good way to test a machine. You can saturate a GBit Link with that tool, as it works "below the stack"

b) Measure Traffic
Well, many tools and ways exist. Examples

cmdline tools:
 - iptraf
 - bwm

collecting daemons
 - snmpd
 - sysstat (?)

 - Cacti
 - OpenNMS
 - RRD Tool

And, as Wojciech already posted, there a measurement tools like iperf.
'apt-cache search traffic' will shoe you lots of options. Personally I would go for a "snmpd + Cacti + pktgen"-solution and probe traffic + resource usages.

Keep in mind that "Traffic != Traffic". Usually it's more important to check how much packers per second you machine can handle.


Bernhard Krieger schrieb:

does anyone know a bandwidth measuring/test tool?

I have  to produce more than 150Mbit.


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