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Re: PPPoE server performance / problem with uploads [long]

2007/9/26, Timur Irmatov <irmatov@gmail.com>:
> On 9/26/07, Wojciech Ziniewicz <wojciech.ziniewicz@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Effect : dhcp users having normal transfers (up to 20,30 mbits ;) ) ,
> > pppoe users having problems with their uploads
> May be it is caused by incorrect MTU settings at your pppoe-clients or server?
> --
> Timur Irmatov, xmpp:irmatov@jabber.ru

That was also checked.

Friend of mine adviced me to check all the hardware parameters.
I must say that there are many frame errors ;/

Wojciech Ziniewicz
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